Slim Fit Mens Fashion In the 21st Century. Too Far Too Slim?

There’s an silent discussion among mens fashion enthusiasts. It’s around the debate whether or not slim fit men’s fashion in the 21st century is just too slim. You might have been taken aback by the slim fit designs that high end designers are releasing and discussing it as a luxury fashion trend. Fitted designer clothes for men are popular. They give a slimming effect, while having an emphasis on quality. The fact that slim fit mens fashion such blazers at MARGONIPEROT styles designed with wild patterns, or elegant, skinny chino pants that you can even wear with an outfit or tuxedo are as popular as they are, shows that mens fashion is truly changing.

Gold Luxury New Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT


3D Abstract Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT

Mens fashion has become much more relaxed as gentlemen open up to the fact that you can be relaxed, comfortable, and wildly in style with just about any style of clothing. The key is actually how you wear your outfits, and where you where them to. For starters, its safe to assume that most mens fashion thats geared toward the neater side of style from sleek dress pants to blazers and loafers, are great picks for dinner, or evenings, or luxury vacation.


According to forums, several users chimed in to give useful answers and opinions to the slim fit vs fitted topic.

Among the popular opinions were:

“Slim fit is straight down for pencil necks. Fitted is tapered more for guys with muscles and small waist.”

“Slim fit is for skinny people. Fitted is for buff people.”

“With a 30″ waist you’re a perfect candidate for a slim-fit shirt that’s tucked in and not bloused. Take a look at GQ’s Suit Your Shape.”

Slim fit doesn’t necessarily have to be geared towards a certain body type. It really is about how the clothing fits. Slim fit clothes will have a more elongated, skinny or tight look, while fitted will be more loose, but not as tight as slim or skinny fit.

Bright Colors Black Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT

Whether you choose slim fit or fitted men’s fashion, you can really get comfort in picking the one that’s most comfortable and fashionable for you. Furthermore, it’s important to note that a lot of the high-end designer apparel, especially for suits, are along the craftsmanship guidelines of being slim fit.


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Patterns have seriously infiltrated mens fashion. And thats certainly a good thing. Shying away from the monotonic nature of menswear and it’s years of sameness is exciting for fashion conscious men. Your outfit can have a spark of creativity, style, and modernity that gives way for an outspoken and elegant style.

Tiger Animal Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT


Outdoor Scenery Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT

Slim fit blazers are an excellent example that will fit great with patterns. When combined, the slim fit design alongside a pattern that’s sophisticated makes your look not only modern, but you look neat.

Once again, slim fit designs have an air of professionalism to them, as well as quality tailoring. Due to the fact that slim fit designs require knowledge of geometry, curves, and comforts when tailoring menswear, the slim fit piece you’re thinking about buying was more likely than not created by an expert.

There are various slim fit designs that in particular look great when paired without he right pattern.


Floral blazers that can deliver in terms of quality and style, especially when complemented with a slim fit design are definitely ‘snatch ups’. You should get them, and wear them confidently. There’s nothing more elegant than velvet slim fit blazers embellished in floral blazer luxury.

Floral blazers that have a slim fit are really more then just slim fit suit jackets. They are the epitome of how modern tailoring paralleled with exclusive tailoring skill can make a difference in how your clothes look and fit. It’s safe to say that designers have never had more control over apparel, and with the directions that they wish to navigate the look.


Plaid blazers are another style that when designed in velvet makes you look much more put together than you might have anticipated. The windowpane style of that suit jacket you’ve purchased isn’t just a tailored pickup imported form Italy. The design when compared with the right slim fit tailoring skills makes your overall wardrobe one that has qualities of a seasoned, in-style gentleman.


Geometric patterns and prints in style can be seen as must have patterns to don on your suit jackets. The key here is to pair these widely with the right accessories and apparel. Geometric pattern has it’s way of truly being at the forefront of modern pop culture. Artists are wearing geometric accessories, shoes, and art, and doing it confidently.

You can be relevant in style, with slim fit designs in your geometric patterned blazer. One thing to take note of though, is that you should opt for geometric styles that are more than just a few colors. Wearing multicolor patterned suit jackets that’s slim are in-style, and truly an example of the amazing styles that can be seen by looking at the runways of the top fashion houses in New York to Paris.


The traditional houndstooth pattern has always been a staple. Hounds tooth has always been one of the patterns that’s been associated with classic menswear. However, putting a twist on this look in the 21st century, is all about embracing it with the film fit cut and tailoring.

A traditional pattern such as the houndstooth, alongside the slim fit tailoring, shows that classic menswear can be revamped into modernity, and even to the point where even streetwear is turning and embracing these traditional styles into staples.


One popular question is whether or not slim fit is suitable for the office. Fashionable gentlemen can say yes to slim fit apparel for the office. Slim fit isn’t just for the tech-savvy gentleman. Slim fit designs are comfortable, and certainly gives off an impression that you’re ahead of the trends and really modern and confident in your own way.

Black Paisley Patterned Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT

Black Lapel Blue Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT

The office is certainly an environment for 100% professionalism. However slim fit styles can be a top choice that you don’t just wear on Fridays, but you also work the look into your Monday to Friday outfits with dress pants and chinos.

Wearing slim fit to the office?

Complement this modern look to the office with these essentials:

  • Leather document case
  • Loafer Shoes
  • Patterned Tie
  • A complementary wrist watch or jewelry that makes a style statement


Up until now, so much proof and examples have been given about slim fit denim apparel and how they actually are a force t be reckoned with. So that might leave you wondering:

Butterfly Colorful Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT

Question: When exactly are slim fit jeans too slim?
Answer: Slim fit denim jeans should certainly be worn with care, especially when in environments such s the office You’ll wan tot opt for your skinny denim jeans in more casual environments, particularly when you’re wearing sneakers or even hiking boots.

If you’re headed to the office,e yes, skinny jeans might not be the first choices you should beeping for int hat case.


Blazers have always been the gentleman’s staple for classic fashion & style. The blazer is one of the few pieces of mens fashion clothing that has been easily adapted to modern pop culture. Slim fit blazers can be professional. The truth is how you pair them with the other pieces in your wardrobe. It’s increasingly common for brands that are more geared towards the causal side of mens fashion and even high end streetwear to embrace blazers.

Slim fit blazers add to the fashion diversity of wardrobes. For business professionals, it’s no longer about wearing just a blazer. Elegant polo shirts and chino pants can be worn with this look, all while retaining a look that truly is acceptable in business environments.

For the more laid back, fashionable gentleman, blazers are increasingly sported as casual with t-shirts and skinny stonewashed denim jeans or even shorts.

Moreover, slim fit blazers do look professional, but it really is all about how you plan to pair your slim fit blazer with the accessories, and exactly what you wear them with.


Slim fit clothing has an elongating effect on men who wear the look. It makes al the more sense that slim fit styles ought be more embraced by guys who are not so tall. This brings us to the ultimate equation of whether or not slim fit fashion is suitable for tall guys.

Tall guys have specific style needs, and some pieces of clothing should certainly be off the list. For example, clothing thats neon all over, should certainly be avoided.

The main thing about slim fit clothes for tall men is to take into consideration, the measurement in length of the clothing, as well as the specific details of the fit such as sleeve length. Many tall men find that getting suits and other clothing tailored helps with how well clothes look and how comfortable they are to wear. Furthermore, with the right tailoring or size chart while shopping, tall men certainly can wear slim fit clothes.

Patterns and slim fit tailored blazers for tall guys – pacific colors/styles to wear
Stylish men who are essentially over 6’1 in height out to pay attention to a few style details mentioned here, for the goodness of your overall look.

For starters you really can make a mark in terms of how elegant your look is. The key rally lies within picking colors and patterns that are subtle, but not necessarily bland.

Colors of clothing that tall men can wear to really have an inspiring and fashionable wardrobe:

  • Navy Blue
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Burgundy
  • Forest Green

Patterns of slim fit blazers tall guys can wear to ensure a sleek and fashionable look:

  • Geometric Pattern
  • Floral Pattern
  • Abstract 3d Patterns
  • Artsy Prints

Elegant Navy Blue Velvet Blazer

slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT
slim fit velvet blazer at MARGONIPEROT

The truth is that regardless of the color and pattern of your garment if you’re a tall guy, its quite wise to stay on the more subtle side of style with any extreme colors and prints The great thing about modern fashion is that it’s so flexible that anyone can wear a popular pickup given the right colors and patterns are balanced. Stylish men whoa re tall certainly do not have to shy away from earring bright and characteristically bold prints and patterns. By pairing the right color, pattern, and fit in the right way, elegant style can be fashionable and modern


Slim fit blazers have become must have style choices in mens fashion. However wise fashionable men should be apt to differentiate between fitted and slim fit. Slim fit is more of a skinny tailored style, while fitted can be seen as looser, but definitely not regular fit. Patterns in mens fashion, especially blazers serve to embolden your look, all while complementing a slim fit that’s elegant, and fashionable!

There’s no rulebook on whether or not slim fit is suitable for the office, or exactly how slim your suit should be. However, staying within the expected boundaries of what’s deemed professional is a smart way to wear sly fit mens fashion styles to work without the uneasy feeling.

Overall, slim fit blazers do look professional, solely because they ca be paired with other items in your wardrobe to get a wildly professional look. The fact that the slim fit design requires craftsmanship and tailoring skills that requires a certain level of know how, goes to show that the slim fit style is actually a kind of professionally, tailored menswear, and should be a staple.

MARGONIPEROT has slim fit blazers and mens luxury fashion that’s high-end and crafted to perfection.

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