The Real Reason Sport Coats And Blazers Need To Be Tailored |MARGONIPEROT Blog

Can you see that wrinkle in your new sport coat? Or perhaps the way it hands off your shoulders, in an unnecessarily unflattering way, making your wish that it was the 70’s where you can wear a shoulder cuff to enliven the structure of your site jacket.


BLAZERS/SPORT COATS ARE A MUST – That’s a fact. But one that that;s left unmentioned by many high street fashion companies is the very thing that really matters. FIT

The look and fit of the blazer leaves much to be said about the craftsmanship. Some high end designers apparently get it all wrong, focusing way too much on the reliable of the label itself.

Style is held highly among fashionable shoppers who have a knack for each and every detail of the clothing, straight down to the origin of the very thread thats used to manufacture it.


The Truth really is..


Fashion is flexible, and for starters, you can wear whatever floats your boat. But some fashion cannot be undone. Blazers that reap stellar skills in their appearance all have on thing in common, an done thing only. Skill.


Unless you’re lucky enough to hook up with a brand that sees to it that all the styles they tout already have structure, fit and design crafted into them – ehem, MARGONIPEROT Mens blazers. Then perhaps it’ll serve you well to keep reading.


The real reason why a tailored , structured blazer matters lies in the pudding. a nice mix that’s comprised of 5 key elements. among them are:

  • The Blazers Color
  • The Blazers Pattern
  • The Blazers Cut
  • The Blazers Fabric
  • The Blazers Buttons


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