Casual & Luxury Velvet Blazers [THE ULTIMATE MENS GUIDE]

The odds that you’ve attempted at perfecting your blazer or suit wearing skills are high, and really something that most gentlemen should strive to do. Wearing blazers are really geared towards two kinds of dressing styles for men.

Casual and High End

Here we will go into detail of exactly why mens velvet blazers are an exceptionally wise choice for you to wear, be it casual or professionally high end, as well as ways you can incorporate each style into your everyday dressing, to really bring forth a look that is remarkably attractive. Here’s how to wear a luxury blazer with style.

Dressing with casual blazers is highly desirable among men in the style know because

the casual blazer is essentially the only style that’ll really evoke an overall UNIQUE AND LAID BACK tone to your appearance. This is one of the key attributes of everyday mens wear thats viable in a fast paced world. Sticking with blazers that are casual and very trending will make you a casually dressed gent thats fashionably ahead of trends. Making style work in a way thats sure to bring out the easy going nature of your personality will make you all the more approachable. After all, one of the key reasons why gentlemen stick with classical, really dapper style is to be approachable, but really make an emphasis on not overdoing your look.

Stylists spend a lot of time getting clients to balance looks with the right colors and patterns, only to realize that seriously going the way of casual apparel thats relaxing and flows with an easy going nature is one of the easiest and more neater ways to dress.

You might not be attending a banquet for your company, and you may even merely be visiting your local restaurant for a quick meal. If regularly worn, you’ll notice that one style that’s certainly going to make your look relevant and super appealing even in the most simple situations, is a look that’s easily put together, the casual blazer. A gentleman who is in the style know almost always has a few blazers in his wardrobe that improves the easygoing factor of his look.

Neat ways to dress with casual velvet blazers

Casual velvet blazers are paired with a lot of different outfits. You can match them with your plaid, or polo shirts or even with chino pants. The key is to balance everything in a manner thats not distracting. Casual style is all about wearing the clothing that fits, and is easily accessible. Ways that men embrace style in a modern environment is wearing trends that are lasting. Casual velvet blazer may just be your best friend, especially if you have a schedule where anything goes, and you may or may not be in a professional environment. Dressing in a casual blazer will keep your look easygoing and somewhat simple, but one thing to certainly do is to be sure you’re pairing these style the right way.


Shirts to wear with casual mens velvet blazers

some shirts to wear with casual velvet blazers are specifically neutral color t-shirts, and polo shirts that are easy to slip in and out of. Casual blazer will make you look easygoing. The reason this is mentioned numerous times is because it’s one of the most appealing things of mens fashion overall. Also, it’s wise to pair it with other apparel that complements that easy going nature.

Kinds of shirts that’ll look great with casual blazers are:

  • White Crewneck t-shirt
  • Beige Crewneck t-shirt
  • Your favorite sports team t-shirt
  • Dark Green thin t-shirt
  • Earth tone color polo shirt
  • Grey or light brown color t-shirt

Pants, trousers, and denim jeans to wear with casual velvet blazers

Pants, trousers, and denim jeans have the ultimate safe proved reputation in mens fashion because they are so flexible. Its easy to wear styles that are remarkably interchangeable regardless of the kind of shirt you’re wearing. For this reason pants, trouser’s, and denim jeans are great choices to regularly wear with casual blazers.

Kinds of pants, trousers, and denim jeans that’ll look great with casual blazers are:

  • dark blue denim jeans, straight or slim fit
  • black denim jeans
  • khaki or dark green dress pants, preferably in a polyester blended with no cargo pockets.
  • navy blue trousers (wear this only with matching loafer shoes)
  • dark green chino pants
  • charcoal or dark grey colored chino pants


how to successfully wear velvet blazers that will give you a laid back appearance

The thing about a laid back appearance is that it almost always has its style steeped in wearable, functional clothes. You can effortlessly make a velvet blazer look like the next best thing since sliced bread if you wear them in a way that makes you look like you’ve pieced together the look in an effortless way! Laid back style is style that you can slip into easily, every day , with very little consideration, that is. Here are key ways to get a laid back look with a velvet blazer

  • Wear a slim fit long sleeved t-shirt underneath
  • In warmer weather, roll up the sleeves, along with the undershirt’s sleeves
  • Wear a solid color dress shirt, only the three-fourths buttoned up
  • Wear a striped t-shirt inside
  • Carry a casual briefcase/messenger bag
  • Accessorize with necklaces, watches, and rings

List of top style of casual velvet blazers (by pattern and fabrics used)

semi casual, and casual blazers vary in style depending on the fabrics. Apart from wearing your casual velvet blazer with chino pants, here are some patterns and fabrics that are popular :

  • Cotton
  • Light Wool
  • Denim
  • Light weight velvet

Gallery of casual velvet blazers to get

why you should consider casual velvet blazers

Casual velvet blazers are really the perfect item to get for style thats not necessarily too dressed down, but also practical enough o wee to a fancy department store or dinner. You should consider a casual velvet blazer to wear if you aren’t really the office savvy guy, and are looking for something that bring out your personality in an outgoing way, but still retaining that cool, easy going nature of what it means to be a gentleman.

It’s smart to stick with style that you’ll not just look amazing in, but seriously feel your best in. Casual style tends to ring a bell for most gentlemen hesitant to step out in a full on suit and dress pants. The casual blazer is your calling, with is chic, artsy, and in style designs, theres no telling how dapper and truly cool you’re version of casual will be.

Luxury velvet blazer jackets are highly attractive and have an elegant appeal. Here’s why:

One thing that fashionably savvy men have known for decades is that a look thats not lackluster is a look that always wins. For many reasons, which we will go into detail about later, luxury blazers, in particular velvet designs are among some of the most luster and fine essentials a man can wear.

The thing about luxury blazers are really in the fine details. From the craftsmanship, to the very fabric of the garment. Mens fashion may seem to be going in circles, especially at times when it seems as if sportswear is pushing elegant fashion to the side. However, even gentlemen who embrace a sporty style, have a line up of awesome blazers. Why?

Because an elegant look is priceless. Not just any item in mens style can make a gentleman apt for great style, and look ready to attend an event where everyone is dressed to impress. The level of confidence that comes with wearing a structured, patterned, and even designer blazer is something worth being mentioned here.

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Being highly attractive an having an elegant appeal is defiantly not something to forgo, in an era where social media selfless can propel a gentleman to a new high title in a company, or better yet limitless opportunity — yes, all because of style.

In summary, just about everyone craves to be around men who are dressing very attractively and have elegant appeal.

Neat ways to dress with luxury velvet blazers are

Like casual blazers, luxury velvet blazers have their special way of making your other clothes look a certain way. expensive, high quality, and really desirable. High end style isn’t touted by designers in Italy and France for no reason. Having a real knack for superb quality in blazers will set you years ahead of the mens fashion trends that really are in many cases a revolving door or mere plaids, denim, and skinny denim jeans. Here are some neat ways that designer velvet blazers can make your outfit on the be admired.

  • white dress shirt with a slim tie
  • black turtle neck sweater
  • Wear a patterned necktie
  • Wear a striped or patterned dress shirt inside
  • Add lightly stonewashed denim jeans and brown loafers to your outfit
  • Wear an elegant wristwatch

Shirts to wear with your luxury blazers include

styles that will make your outfit more stylish, colorful in some cases, and overall more current. The last thing you’d want to do is invest in a cool blazer and not own your look with confidence!

Shirts to add to consider wearing

  • Fresh white dressshirt
  • plaid dress shirt
  • Two tone dress shirt (different color form shirt)

pants, trousers, and denim jeans to wear with luxury blazers

Luxury velvet blazers are shimmering and really trendy, so much that you don’t even need to worry so much about the kinds of pants you wear. however, its wise to have an emphasis on the overall style of your look. For this reason, pants, trousers, and denim jeans can work with designer velvet suit jackets.

Here are some suggestions

  • grey dress pants
  • black chino pants
  • matching velvet pants
  • slip fit denim jeans

how to wear luxury velvet blazers that will give you a neat look

One of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever get about style overall is truly how well of an expert you become at owning your own look. Embrace the kinds of clothes, colors, and materials that you naturally find yourself drawn to. Then enhance them with velvet blazers. Even if your style may not be one that some stylists would consider neat, there’s still a way of going about putting together your outfit, that will bring some level of uniformity and comfort to your look.

Velvet blazers are the “it items” that can absolutely give you the neat look you are after. This ultimately means pairing them with things that work great for you, regardless if its fashionable current or a vintage look. You can easily pair a velvet blazer with your every day essentials and make it work in a professional or really fashionable way. What it ultimately comes down to is how creative you are with your styling.
Good news, here are some awesome ways to piece together a velvet blazer outfit which will surely give you a neat look:

  • Figure out which shirts you find yourself wearing the most, pair it with a velvet blazer that complements it. Be careful to not overdo patterns.
  • Take pride in accessories that you enjoy wearing. Subtly add necklaces, rings, and even a wristwatch that can show more of your character, and add on to the neat look.
  • Footwear: A must is to wear neat shoes that are less on the sporty side, and more established as professional or dressy styles. Lets say, brogue loafers.
  • Wear a velvet blazer thats shimmering, black, and slim fit. There really is no denying that a slim fit, velvet blazer shows the craftsmanship and knack for detail in your style.

List of top style of luxury velvet blazers (by pattern and fabrics used)

Though velvet blazers are often shown as solid color jackets, without any pattern or unexpected designs, some of the most fashionable releases do have extraordinary designs, sure to make you enjoy style, and look at menswear in an absolutely new and creatively modern way! Here are some luxury velvet blazer patterns and fabrics that are just so popular, that you literally should consider getting yours with atleast two of these qualities:

  • Shimmering, High quality Velvet
  • Velveteen or velvet blend (composed of a more stretchable fabric that is often used in interior design)
  • Floral Pattern
  • Artsy Prints / Creative Monograms
  • Velvet Blazers that boast a black lapel
  • Plaid velvet Blazers
  • 2-tone velvet blazers (styles that have velvet, along with another material designed into them)

Gallery of luxury velvet blazers to get

why you should consider high end velvet blazers

In truth, high end velvet blazers might actually be the one kinds of style that can deliver each time your wear them. They are really assured to make your look neat, elegant, and instill some level of confidence. High end style might seem like a roller coaster at times. Especially menswear, where it might even seem like athletic wear is the luxury of mens fashion. However, in the case of velvet blazers for men, the very nature of its look, and design makes it remarkably attractive.

The look and feel of velvet blazers can give you a typical luxury look and feel thats impossible to get with other kind of mens style. A good quality luxury blazer often has great detail in the cut, fit, and colorways used in them, meaning that they are more likely than not to be comfortable, and capable of being a staple for you. Ultimately as you increase your wardrobe with quality velvet blazers, you’ll see that awesome style is indeed something that helps you and your lifestyle significantly, over time. which of course is something to always strive for.

In conclusion
Velvet blazers have been designed in casual and luxury styles for years. Many fashionable men may have felt as if there were a side a choose between the high end world and the casual world. However, pairing your velvet blazer without the correct accessories, footwear, and trousers, and shirts will do more for you than placing a label on your apparel as it being formal or non formal. The nature of velvet material is one that is shimmering, and expensive in both look and feel. Therefore regardless of how you wear them, you’re likely to get a look that is on the neat side. and one that will keep you in style, comfortably and confidently!